Things That Trainers Wish They Could Say To Their Clients

You can bet there are times when your personal trainer wants to say something… but doesn’t.

Things That Trainers Wish They Could Say To Their Clients

You might have noticed it already: a certain look in their eye that says something different to the expression on their face or what they are in fact saying.

Of course, personal trainers aren’t deceitful or condescending; they have your best interests in mind and want to see you become the best version of yourself.

After all, they know the benefits of fitness and take satisfaction in inspiring, motivating, and helping their clients. 

Still, there are things that they can’t or won’t say – which we’ve listed below.

If you have a personal trainer right now, you’ll likely learn a thing or two about them and the inner workings of their mind, including what they think and expect, after reading the following!

It’s Not A Fashion Show

Some clients can be forgiven for being new to working out and not knowing what to wear.

Others turn up overdressed, or simply inappropriately. In these cases, most personal trainers are going to be rolling their eyes.

Luxury sneakers, super tight workout clothes, multiple sweatbands and headbands, makeup, big earrings – all of these make most personal trainers want to slap their foreheads. 

It’s not a fashion show and it’s not about dressing to impress. Most people don’t look their best anyway once they’ve reached their third set of burpees.

You don’t need to look your best or be clothed head-to-toe in Gymshark to fit in; all personal trainers expect is that their clients wear comfortable, suitable clothes for each workout.

You Do Have Time

When it comes to new clients, the amount of times personal trainers hear, “I really want to work out, but I just don’t have the time” is not just frustrating, but vexing.

Of course, juggling responsibilities is tough and life will always get in the way.

But the hard truth is that most people have time, but don’t consider exercise a high enough priority to make time to fit it into their schedule.

It can sound harsh, so most personal trainers avoid telling their clients this altogether.

But, seriously, if prospective clients have time to watch TV or scroll social media for several hours a day, they have time for a 30-minute HIIT workout.

Your Goals Aren’t Realistic


Beginner clients might be forgiven for having unrealistic goals.

After all, they’re completely new and have signed up to look like their favorite actor or social media influencer in time for beach season. 

Unfortunately, expecting to get shredded or have washboard abs in just a few months is not going to happen for beginners – and personal trainers wish they could say it.

Everyone has different genetics and body types, so clients looking to achieve the same physique as someone else is also not always possible.

Personal trainers don’t want to demotivate, or even scare off, new clients, so they tend to reword this and say it lightly!

You’re Just Not Committed Enough

Some clients have all the excuses in the world, or are just not consistent enough when it comes to appointments.

Still, personal trainers are accommodating them because, of course, they’re paying clients.

Consistency is key for any fitness regimen. And, deep down, personal trainers fully know when clients are never going to reach their targets or see desired results due to their lack of commitment. 

Likewise, it can reflect badly on them. Personal trainers want their clients to be successful, but they can only do so much.

Help me to help you, is what comes to mind for most personal trainers with clients who just fail at being consistent.

Your Form Isn’t Great

Here’s another thing personal trainers want to tell their beginner clients: Your form isn’t good enough.

Of course, beginners won’t have perfect form at the start. But after the first pointer, then the second, then the third… personal trainers expect their tips to sink in.

Sure, form can suffer due to various reasons: fatigue and general lack of fitness, to name two. But there are some clients who simply do not take the advice on board.

Good form is important for maximum exercise effectiveness and avoiding injuries.

So, if your personal trainer tells you to keep your back straight, stick your chest out, or lower your shoulders, it’s for a good reason.

Your Diet Needs Work

Again, personal trainers can only do so much. It’s not possible to out-train a bad diet, so alongside workout consistency, personal trainers expect their clients to eat healthily to reap the benefits of their training.

Personal trainers aren’t dieticians. They’ll know about good, clean nutrition, but managing diets is not what they’re being paid for.

They can offer advice, but whether clients pay attention is another story.

As a result, the help they’re providing is only as effective as the client’s diet and lifestyle.

They want to tell clients their diet sucks, but it’s not their job to monitor day-to-day calorie intake.

They Aren’t Always Motivated

Last but not least, personal trainers aren’t always motivated.

They’d like to tell clients, “I didn’t get enough sleep last night either” or “I’m feeling lazy as well”, but it’s their role to motivate, inspire, and bring the energy to each appointment.

Due to this, personal trainers won’t admit they aren’t superhuman – as much as some clients might seem to think.

Personal trainers are tasked with encouraging their clients, even if they’re hiding the fact they’re not having the best day, or week.

So, if you have a personal trainer, you might find it comforting to know that, yes, they’re still human!

Just like everyone else, personal trainers aren’t always on their A-game, but will always have your best interests at heart.


Despite the above, personal trainers want all their clients to be successful in their fitness journeys.

They can’t or won’t always say the above—at least not directly, for the most part—but they will do their best to guide their clients as they see fit.

If you currently have a personal trainer, you might have learned a thing or two about them after reading the above! Either way, as long as you’re doing your best, rest assured that your personal trainer is proud from the second you turn up. Visit all our articles at RateYourBurn.

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