The High Waisted Jort: Is This Fashion Trend Coming Back?

Jort is a questionable term at best. And it definitely hasn’t done any favors for high-waisted jorts—or high-waisted jean shorts, to put it better—which, for some people, are already considered a fashion gray area. 

The High Waisted Jort

Needless to say, high-waisted jorts are a go-to festival look. They’re not just for festivals, though, as high-waisted jorts crop up each summer for their casual, easygoing appeal. 

Does that mean this fashion trend is coming back, however? Did it ever go away, in fact?

Fret not, because we answer all your burning questions in this no-nonsense guide. 

It’s super important that we debunk this issue once and for all, so make sure you keep reading for the lowdown on high-waisted jorts – including the dos and don’ts of wearing them, who wears them, and whether or not you should wear them!

What Are Jorts, Anyway?

Let’s be honest: no one likes the word “jorts”. It’s a portmanteau of jeans and shorts, if you didn’t know, which rarely makes it into casual conversation – simply because it’s an ugly, cringe-inducing word.

Brands don’t use it, and neither do people who are, let’s say, not out of touch with modern society.

So it has to be said, then, that jorts is an unfashionable word. And it’s an important distinction because while the word might be unfashionable, that doesn’t necessarily mean that jorts—jean shorts, jean shorts, jean shorts—are unfashionable.

As for high-waisted jorts, however, what exactly is the deal? 

Whether you’re a fan of high waisted jorts or not, we have to make this point. High waisted fashion has never been out of style.

It’s been around since the ‘50s, right through to the ‘90s (let’s not talk about the ‘00s), and we only have to mention pencil skirts, bikini bottoms, and gym wear to prove our point.

On a side note, let’s just confirm that high-waisted jorts are not for men (straight men, at least). And if you’re a straight man considering wearing high-waisted jorts, there are questions you might need to ask yourself. 

High-waisted jorts hide belly fat and do wonders for legs. And there are only a few ways you can go wrong with denim. Still, there are dos and don’ts for wearing high-waisted jorts, and these are important to know (more on this below).

Daisy Dukes Are Out

This strengthens the above point. Ask yourself: When was the last time you saw daisy duke shorts? If ‘05 Jessica Simpson in The Dukes of Hazzard comes to mind, then there’s a good reason for it.

Daisy dukes are out. They just look, well, desperate – at least in this day and age. So it has to be said that if you’re going to wear any type of jorts, it should be of the high-waisted variety.

It’s safe to say low-rise jeans are not in, either. High-waisted jeans have fully taken over, so leave the low-rise denim for the guys, ladies.

The Dos And Don’ts For Wearing High Waisted Jorts

Before we can answer the central question, we have to run through the dos and don’ts of wearing high-waisted jorts. 

The Dos

  • DIY your own high-waisted jorts – frayed cutoffs are a casual yet trendy look
  • Fold up the bottoms for a cute summer look, paired with a belt
  • Opt for blue instead of black or white – it’s just more popular
  • Wear ‘em tight (just avoid any, well, fat folds)
  • Wear with plain sneakers and pumps
  • Wear with casual t’s and crop tops
  • Show some leg – don’t be afraid of short jorts!

The Don’ts

  • Flared jorts
  • Double denim (never double-denim)
  • Pairing jorts with heels (stilettos, we’re looking at you)
  • Displaying your belly button – it’s just a good rule of thumb for anything high-waisted
  • Wearing high-waisted jorts that are ill-fitting (loose or baggy) at the top

Ambassadors Of The High Waisted Jort

Last but not least, we should look at some of the ambassadors of the high-waisted jort. This isn’t a complete list, but we handpicked these celebs because we can all agree that they generally get fashion right.

The High Waisted Jort

Celebrities that wear high-waisted jorts include Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Halsey, Bella Thorne, Emily Ratajkowski, Olivia Culpo, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Hey, if these ladies rock high-waisted jorts, why shouldn’t you, right?

Are High Waisted Jorts Coming Back? Here’s The Final Answer

Truth be told, high-waisted jorts never went away. In fact, for that reason alone, they were never a trend in the first place. 

Like any clothing choice, of course, high-waisted jorts still have to be worn right. So do yourself a favor and keep the dos and don’ts (listed above) in mind for next summer.

Lastly, it’s worth enforcing that as long as you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, there’s nothing wrong with heading out and rocking it with maximum confidence. 

Still, even if you don’t agree that high-waisted jorts are in, can we all just agree on one thing: let’s stop calling them jorts. Visit all our articles at RateYourBurn.

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