Why Does My Face Sting When I Work Out? 5 Reasons & Fixes


Feeling like your face is stinging or in pain while you work out isn’t natural or normal. Your face might feel like it’s burning up or puffy, but any prolonged stinging or burning sensation that’s uncomfortable, excessively tingly, or even painful is something worth looking into. Needless to say, working out will cause increased blood …

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5 Reasons Why People Are Cynical To Try SoulCycle


SoulCycle is popular – that’s for sure. The immersive, high-energy spin class created by Equinox Group has studios spanning the US, Canada, and the UK, with followers hell-bent on securing class slots each week. Despite its popularity, though, there are some people who are just not sold by it. In fact, there are many people …

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Aqua Cycling: What Is It? Does It Actually Work?


Is aqua cycling just a fad? It certainly looks like it, but there’s more to aqua cycling than it might seem! You might have seen it online or on the class schedule at your local fitness center. One thing’s for sure: aqua cycling is becoming more popular.  Aqua cycling, also called aqua spinning or underwater …

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The High Waisted Jort: Is This Fashion Trend Coming Back?

The High Waisted Jort

Jort is a questionable term at best. And it definitely hasn’t done any favors for high-waisted jorts—or high-waisted jean shorts, to put it better—which, for some people, are already considered a fashion gray area.  Needless to say, high-waisted jorts are a go-to festival look. They’re not just for festivals, though, as high-waisted jorts crop up …

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Try Core Fusion Barre

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Try Core Fusion Barre (1)

Exhale: Core Fusion Barre might have been released in 2013 but it’s still one of the best follow-along workout videos for beginners looking to try barre. Created by NY-based CoreBarreFit fitness gurus Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, Core Fusion Barre offers seven 10-minute full-body workouts at just over an hour in runtime, focused on the …

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7 Different Types Of People You’ll See At Barry’s Bootcamp

7 Different Types of People You’ll See at Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s is a boutique fitness class known for its intense HIIT workouts incorporating strength training and cardio. Since ‘98, the LA-founded brand has gone international while garnering something of a cult-like following. If you haven’t experienced Barry’s, the best way to describe it is like working out in a nightclub. Those who attend perform high-energy …

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