7 Different Types Of People You’ll See In Spin Class

Spin classes are known for their high-intensity, high-energy workouts, making them perfect for those who like to get in shape to the sound of blaring speakers and motivational instructor pep-talk.

7 Different Types Of People You’ll See In Spin Class

We love spin class – it’s energizing and electrifying, ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels looking to get a sweat on.

But the diverse crowd also means that you’re going to run into a few characters – some of which you may have already come across.

We’ve described seven types of people you can be sure to find at your local spin class.

In fact, you might be one of the following on this list. Don’t worry, though – we won’t judge.

1. The OTT Instructor

Sure, it’s their job to ramp up the energy in the room, but there’s always that instructor who loves their job a little too much.

We’re talking scrunched facial expressions, frequent mirror pointing with shouts of “I see you, [name]! I see you!”, and regularly dismounting their bike so they can turn around and overhead-clap to the music.

The OTT spin class instructor has an arsenal of worn-out, eye-rolling phrases, including “Here we go – everything you got!” and “This is it. Own it!”.

You know for a fact that they own a Peloton. The only thing they wish they had is the live class DJ to vibe off.

2. The Over-Enthusiastic Spin Disciple

There’s always one person at spin class, often right at the front, who refuses to accept that the bike has a saddle.

They’re not just cycling – they’re hunched over the bars, bouncing and driving each shoulder forward as if they’re weaving in and out of real obstacles.

The over-enthusiastic spin disciple doesn’t miss a class.

They’re in the studio 24/7 (probably) and thrive off the idea that they’re being watched from behind. Yes, they’re pedaling faster than you.

And yes, they’re going to tell you afterwards, either with a high five or back slap, that you “killed it today” despite being fully absorbed in their own performance. 

3. The Newbie Who Got Dragged Into It 

Loose cotton clothes? Check. The regretful face that says, “Why did I agree to this?” – check.

They didn’t want to come along, yet they reluctantly agreed for reasons they spend the entire duration of the class wondering about.

There’s a difference between newbies and those who didn’t want to be there in the first place.

You’ll recognize them instantly, but you’ll only see them once. They might look tired, they might not.

After all, the only effort they’re putting in is for their spin class friend who, by some miracle, managed to drag them into it.

4. The Non-Serious Best Friends 

They arrive late, often after a few post-work drinks, and spend the entire spin class talking and joking behind cupped mouths.

The two best friends at the back are casual goers at best, so you might see them once a week, or maybe just the once – the decision to attend often spontaneously done on a whim (yes, YOLO).

No matter what the instructor is saying or what everyone else is doing, they’re not paying attention in the slightest.

They’re out of sync with the rest of the class, of course, resolute in the fact that they are burning calories and losing weight just because they turned up.

5. The Gym Boyfriend Well Out Of His Depth

Once in a while, there’s the gym bro who attends his girlfriend’s regular spin class to prove a point.

“It’s just cycling”, he’ll claim, before realizing that weightlifting or ab training doesn’t translate to good cardio, spending the entire class out of breath, starting prematurely around the 10-minute mark.

He’ll try to hide from everyone that he’s struggling—especially from his girlfriend—but the fact that he’s sweating profusely and wheezing like a new dog toy says otherwise.

You won’t see him again, having publicly suffered a damaged ego and a post-workout “I told you so” from his girlfriend who’s now creasing up with laughter.

6. The Middle-Aged Guy Looking To Date

He might be in shape or not for someone who’s in his 40s.

But he’s at spin class to look for female attention, often because he was suggested to attend by his girl or guy friends, who have told him to “stop feeling sorry for yourself and get back out there” after his last breakup. 

The middle-aged guy looking to date might be holding his own during the class workout, but that’s not why he’s there.

He’s constantly glancing around, attempting to make eye contact with a sheepish half-smile, especially after class in the hope of trying to strike up a conversation. Luckily, he’ll disappear after the third spin class due to zero success.

7. The Senior Outperforming You

You might be slim, in your prime, or a regular gym-goer. But there are seniors who do this day in, day out post-retirement.

As a result, their cardiovascular health is maxed out – something you realize as your breaths become short and erratic while the calm-faced senior beside you is not even breaking a sweat.

It’s a cold slap of reality, needless to say, realizing that you’re not as fit as you might think because you’ve neglected cardio more than you should have.

But it’s a simple fact: spin class seniors go hard. And it’s something you quickly find out from day one – not just in spin class, but in any swim class or running club, for that matter.


Spin class is no joke, despite the different types of people you’ll encounter.

When it comes to high-intensity aerobic exercise, spin classes deliver rigorous workouts that can shed as many calories as back-to-back sessions of advanced HIIT. 

Hey, even commercial gyms have stereotypical crowds you’re going to see on a daily basis.

That shouldn’t stop you from turning up, though, as there’s no feeling like walking out the door energized and a little fitter than yesterday. Visit all our articles at RateYourBurn.

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