5 Best Gyms In Queens – New York

Who doesn’t love Queens? It’s the NY borough that makes everyone feel at home and this really shows in its wide choice of gyms. I have to say I enjoyed exploring the best gyms here! Whatever you’re looking for, though, these are the top five worth talking about.

The Best Gyms In Queens Are:

  • Club Fitness NY – Best for Gym & Wellness Facilities
  • Blink Fitness – Best for Personal Training & Casual Gym Users
  • Life Health Fitness – Best for Group Fitness Classes
  • CrossFit Unleashed – Best for CrossFit & Sense of Community
  • JDI Barbell – Best for Coached Strength Training & Powerlifting

If one of these sounds like a good match for you, hold it! Before you sign, read up on the benefits, drawbacks, and membership prices below, along with who should join and who should avoid – all the things you need to know before you hand over your cash.

Does Queens Have Good Gyms?

5 Best Gyms in Queens - New York

Absolutely – Queens is one of New York’s most diverse boroughs and this is reflected in its gym variety.

There are commercial gyms, neighborhood gyms, fitness studios, and luxury fitness clubs around every corner, so there’s really something for everyone in Queens.

How Did I Pick The Best Gyms In Queens?

1. Fitness Levels

No gym-goer is the same. Everyone has to start somewhere and everyone has their own current abilities and training style.

So, for all needs, I found the best Queens gyms to suit everyone – no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

2. Sense Of Community

Queens is well-known for its friendly neighborhoods. Well, for being one of New York’s friendliest boroughs – full stop! Queens is culturally diverse yet inclusive, so picking the best gyms that offer a friendly sense of community was an important decision.

3. Quality Of Equipment And Facilities

Gym memberships can get expensive. You want to get your money’s worth no matter where you sign up, and that includes getting the high-quality equipment and facilities in return. Having taken this into account, the following gyms won’t disappoint. 

Gyms In Queens: 5 Best Options

1. Club Fitness New York – Best For Gym & Wellness Facilities

Club Fitness New York
  • Website: http://www.clubfitnessny.com/
  • Address: 31-11 Broadway, Queens
  • Hours: Mon–Thu 5am–12am, Fri 5am–11pm, Sat–Sun 8am–8pm
  • Price: From $69 a month
  • Sign up fees: $29
  • No lock-in contracts: Not available
  • Free trial: 1 day
  • Group fitness: Extensive

Club Fitness NY, situated in the heart of Astoria, has been voted the best gym in Queens nine times. It’s a club first and foremost, so everything is clean and pristine. It’s also massive, boasting resort-style wellness facilities and an extensive choice of fitness classes.

What Are The Gym Benefits?

Club Fitness NY’s selling point is the fact it’s, well, upmarket. So, for the membership, expect high-end equipment and facilities, along with a real sense of exclusivity.

The club has a strength training area, four cardio areas, group fitness classes (the list is extensive, but if you can think of it, it has it), member parking, and facilities that include a day spa, plus men’s and women’s lounge areas, showers, steam rooms, saunas, and Jacuzzis. All in all, it’s a luxury all-in-one health and wellness club.

What Do You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Membership?

Did I mention that Club Fitness NY is exclusive? Well, it’s so exclusive that membership prices are kept on the down-low.

Despite that, I can tell you that prices start from $69 a month. Memberships also lock you in for one year, costing $150 if you want to cancel early.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Memberships are long-term; there are no day passes or monthly memberships. And since it’s a club, there’s a hefty, yet expected, list of etiquette policies (see here). 

Who Should Work Out Here?

Honestly, the drawbacks aren’t drawbacks if you want exclusive access to state-of-the-art gym and wellness facilities and price isn’t a concern. If that’s the case, it’s easily the best fitness club in Queens. Otherwise, Club Fitness NY simply isn’t for you.

2. Blink Fitness – Best For Personal Training & Casual Gym Users

Blink Fitness Queens NY
  • Website: https://www.blinkfitness.com/
  • Address: Multiple locations in Queens!
  • Hours: Mon–Fri 5am–10pm, Sat–Sun 7am–7pm
  • Price: $10-23 per month
  • Sign up fees: None
  • No lock-in contracts: Available
  • Free trial: 1 day
  • Group fitness: None

Blink Fitness is owned by Equinox. It’s cheap and, for the most part, cleaner and better maintained than other gym franchises.

Why’s it on this list? Well, Blink is a top choice for personal training and there are multiple locations in Queens alone!

What Are The Gym Benefits?

Blink offers affordable 1-on-1 personal training (in-gym and virtual) for those who find it hard to manage their fitness.

I mentioned that there are multiple locations in Queens (in fact, NY has the most Blink gyms of any state) and this makes it especially convenient to drop into any branch as long as you’re paying for the top membership.

Aside from that, and to put it simply, Blink gyms are inexpensive, well-equipped for all purposes, and nicely maintained.

What Do You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Membership?

There are three Blink memberships: Orange ($10 a month), Gray ($15 a month), and Blue ($23 a month).

The single difference between Orange and Gray is that Orange enforces 12 months’ commitment. Gray and Blue have no commitment, with Blue giving you access to any Blink branch. All memberships involve a $56.99 annual maintenance fee charged on the second month after you join.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The annual maintenance fee. That aside, I can’t fault Blink’s memberships or the quality of its gyms for the price.

Who Should Work Out Here?

If you’re a casual gym-goer, a newbie who needs personal training, or someone who wants access to multiple branches (not just in Queens, but all over New York), Blink offers superb value.

For more serious gym-goers, however, such as powerlifters and bodybuilders, I’d say look elsewhere. 

3. Life Health Fitness – Best For Group Fitness Classes

Life Health Fitness Queens NY
  • Website: https://lifehealth-fitness.com/
  • Address: 10-24 154th St, Whitestone, Queens
  • Hours: Mon–Thu 5:30am–11pm, Fri 5:30am–10pm, Sat 7am–9pm, Sun 7am–7pm
  • Price: From $60 a month
  • Sign up fees: None
  • No lock-in contracts: Available
  • Free trial: 3 days
  • Group fitness: Extensive

Life Health & Fitness (LHF) is a full-service fitness club specializing in group fitness classes.

Across three floors, LHF has flawless workout equipment in separate studios, hosting over 50 group fitness classes per week – from yoga to HIIT and everything in between.

What Are The Gym Benefits?

For top-tier fitness classes led by certified trainers, Life Health Fitness is second to none – at least in Queens. And by being a member, you get access to all weekly classes. Simply pick and choose!

There are dedicated studios for each class—all with high-end equipment—with even more member benefits that include free towel service, a juice bar, kids club, free WiFi, and free parking.

What Do You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Membership?

Here’s one of those clubs that keeps its prices a secret. But, FYI, annual memberships start from $60 per month. Short commitment memberships are available but expect to pay more. There’s also an annual fee of $30.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Their cancellation policy is not exactly ideal, requiring you to notify in writing with 30 days’ notice. It also might be expensive but, for the huge variety of classes, it’s far better than Orangetheory, for example, which costs around the same.

Who Should Work Out Here?

People who are looking for premium group fitness classes and the sense of exclusivity that comes with joining a boutique fitness club. If you’re really not bothered about those, however, you’d be better off looking at other options.

4. CrossFit Unleashed – Best For CrossFit & Sense Of Community

CrossFit Unleashed Queens NY
  • Website: https://www.crossfitunleashed.com/
  • Address: 36-42 37th St, Queens
  • Hours: Mon–Wed 5am–9pm, Thu 5:45am–9pm, Fri 5am–8pm, Sat–Sun 9am–2pm
  • Price: $210 or $249 monthly
  • Sign up fees: None
  • No lock-in contracts: Available
  • Free trial: 1 class free
  • Group fitness: Extensive

Here’s the gym you need if you’re looking for CrossFit programs, a sense of inclusion, or both. CrossFit UNLEASHED is right at the heart of the Queens CrossFit scene, with daily classes for all fitness levels, plus a strong community foundation. 

What Are The Gym Benefits?

CrossFit UNLEASHED offers classes for Crossfit, functional fitness, and Olympic lifting. Classes can be challenging, needless to say, but are open to all fitness levels. And like most CrossFit gyms, there’s a close-knit community here that’s welcoming, uplifting, and energizing. 

Memberships are clear and upfront, giving you access to a number of classes per month, as well as an open gym (a 100% authentic CrossFit gym, by the way), so you can also drop in to work out anytime.

What Do You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Membership?

Memberships here are essentially packages. Paid monthly, choose from Sport ($210) or Athlete ($249.99).

Both give you open gym access, but the key difference is that Athlete gives you unlimited classes while Sport gives you 12 (per month). Considering the $40 difference, Athlete is by far the better option.

Aside from the free class, you can purchase a Private Foundation session for $50 or a Drop-In session for $10. Both are limited to one.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Membership packages are not cheap, and only worth it if you’re into community-style CrossFit or Olympic lifting. And while CrossFit UNLEASHED might have an open gym, it’s only available at set times when there are no classes.

Who Should Work Out Here?

CrossFitters (obviously), beginners looking to get into CrossFit and/or functional fitness and Olympic lifting, and anyone who’s drawn by the idea of a class-based gym with a close sense of community. Otherwise, this one’s not for you.

5. JDI Barbell – Best For Coached Strength Training & Powerlifting

JDI Barbell Queens NY
  • Website: https://jdibarbell.com/
  • Address: 1767 Park Ave (Basement Level), Queens
  • Hours: Mon–Fri 8am–12pm and 2pm–7:30pm, Sat 10am–2pm
  • Price: $179.64 a month
  • Sign up fees: None
  • No lock-in contracts: Available
  • Free trial: No
  • Group fitness: Limited

JDI Barbell is a strength training gym, focused on powerlifting and Olympic lifting coached by experienced weightlifters. So, on the whole, this is a true powerlifting gym boasting top-of-the-range weightlifting equipment and a dedicated weightlifting community.

What Are The Gym Benefits?

There are in-person coaches to help you train (during Coaches’ Hours), along with in-app powerlifting programs to follow – both included with the monthly membership. Two “introductory” group classes are also available, involving barbell basics and movement and stability.

You’ll find a supportive community at this gym that’s inclusive of all: beginners, people rehabilitating from injuries, or pros training competitively.

So, no matter where you’re at, this gym is judgment-free with the kind of members who are always willing to lend advice, or spot your next set!

What Do You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Membership?

Membership costs $179.64 month-to-month. It might seem high, but you do get full access to world-class in-person coaching and the in-app powerlifting programs. You can also cancel at any time by giving 15 days’ notice – nice and easy.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

It’s costly, so the price is only justified if you need coaching (virtual or in-person) and/or premium weightlifting equipment. The open gym hours are also slightly limiting, since otherwise the gym is for Coaches’ Hours (personal training) only.

Who Should Work Out Here?

Powerlifters and Olympic lifters of all levels. If you’re looking for strength training from world-class coaches, this is also the best option in Queens.

But if you consider yourself a “casual” weightlifter and won’t take advantage of the coaching, the price won’t be worth it in my opinion.

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